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Current Events Journal for Kids

There are many events happening in our world both locally and globally. It would be very helpful for children to know what is going on so they have a better picture of the world around them. The media is full of news that may not be on their level. And most importantly, the news in the media may not be from a biblical worldview.

As a parent, you can look up news articles that you would like to share with your children. You can also use this opportunity to share with your children what God has to say about the current event.

How my children and I use the template, we first read the article and discuss it. Then we turn to God’s Word and look up verses that have something to do with the current event. It is a great way for children to see God’s providence and sovereignty. It is also is another great time to share the Good News with them.

To use this journal, just print off how ever many pages you want, hole punch or bind and you’re ready to go. You choose how often you will do current events. In our household, we go over a new current event every Friday.

Just click the link for your free PDF file of the Current Events Journal

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